Day Trip to American Brewing Company

Many adventures don’t work out as planned. There was the first attempt at Scenic Beach State Park, countless hikes cut short of the summit, and there was that time we rode to American Brewing Company in Edmonds but they were closed for a private event! It’s hard to get these failed attempts out of your mind. The ride to Edmonds isn’t particularly far or challenging, and I’m not a huge fan of American’s Breakaway IPA, but there was still the desire to complete the unsuccessful mission. Boy am I glad we did!

Between trips to the Edmonds ferry and our other attempt at this ride, we have nailed down this route. Knowing exactly where to go is a huge time saver and just plain more fun. The brewery was in an office park, so I had low expectations, but it was actually really great. They even served food and had TVs, which isn’t required in order to be a cool brewery, but it was pretty impressive when I was only expecting a warehouse. They had a tasty IPA I hadn’t tried before, and we added a fun growlette to our fleet of beer carrying devices.

Overall, this is really fun trip. Biking to Red Hook is a classic Seattle experience, but this was a great alternative. The route has some separated trail, but there is a fair amount of riding in the road. It’s definitely not flat, but the hills should be manageable for most riders. It’s only 25 miles round trip instead of 45, so it won’t take up your whole day either. We had enough energy on the way home to take a side trip to the butcher and pick up some T-bones for dinner. Lesson: always take a bag or have a cargo net so you can accumulate unexpected goodies like beer and steak.



They really need a legit bike rack. We had to use the fence. Bring your cable!



It's a growlette full of pale ale

It’s a growlette full of pale ale



T-bone holder

T-bone holderIMG_0006






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