Scenic Beach State Park on a Friday

After cutting the trip short last weekend, we were determined to get our bikes to Scenic Beach State Park. It is only about 18 miles from Bremerton, so once again we went full steam ahead. We left on a Friday after work! I work across the street from the ferry, so I met John there in plenty of time for the 5:35 ferry. No thanks to downtown traffic, the ferry took forever to unload, and we departed over 30 minutes late. That 30 minutes definitely affected our plans. We had to call ahead to our potential grocery store dinner spots to check their hours. We had to go to a grocery store closer to Bremerton than the campground. I wished I had just packed a meal in our panniers because we had to carry it most of the way anyway, and it was stressful figuring out Plan B. We also got to the campground right at sunset so efforts had to be spent on setting up camp, and dinner had to wait until 9:30 pm. There wasn’t even time to crack open a beer until we were done.

The camp site was very secluded and quiet. In the morning we were rewarded with beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains from the beach all to ourselves. On the way out, we got breakfast in Seabeck, which had more beautiful scenery but also a big harbor seal and a pizza delivery boat. What a neat place! The ride home was so hard. Anderson Hill Rd kicked our butts. There was walking involved. John wants to try it again someday, but I never want to see that hill again.

The peninsula portion of the tour ended at Der Blokken Brewery. This fun spot had great food and was really convenient to the ferry. I would have loved to stay there all day, but I had to remind myself there were still 8 miles to go after we got back to the Seattle side. I will be back though! We got home around 3:30 pm and still felt like there was plenty of weekend left. Looking at the calendar, we won’t have another opportunity for a Friday night trip until July, but it’s our new favorite thing!




Secluded hiker/biker site at Scenic Beach State Park



Morning view from the beach




Walking along the beach



All packed up, left no trace





Typical bike tour breakfast


Harbor seal in Seabeck




Back at Dyes Inlet 6 days later. This time with sun!


Awesome lunch at Der Blokken. Go there.




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