• Saturday 5/16/2015
  • 30 Total Miles

Another beautiful spring Saturday in Seattle. Where to this time? A Chick-Fil-A just opened in Lynnwood, so how about some nuggets for lunch? Chick-Fil-A has only recently made its way to Seattle, and this particular location had been open for a week. People camped out and everything. Sounds like a good reason to go check it out. Plus, we identified 2 breweries along the route to try out.

First, pick up the Interurban Trail at Fremont and 110th. There is a parking lot if you don’t have out-the-door access.


The trail is usually not very crowded, but this seemed pretty empty for a nice weekend. DSCN0307

The Interurban Trail follows the route of the old Interurban Rail Line. This cute park in Lake Ballinger pays tribute to the an old rail stop.


The Interurban is mostly separated trail, but there are a few well-signed sections along roads. Once you get toward Lynnwood, you will pass some furniture stores near Alderwood Mall. Then you will get to this section that parallels I-5.DSCN0316

Turn right at this overpass to get to Poplar Way, which takes you straight to Chick-Fil-A.DSCN0315

We were greeted by a line wrapped around the building.DSCN0311

The drive thru required extra traffic control as it wound its way through the Lowe’s parking lot.DSCN0313

The wait wasn’t actually that long, and the nuggets and waffle fries lived up to expectations.


We immediately headed back south in search of Big E’s Ales. This place was great! DSCN0320

The beer was great! The atmosphere was great! It was conveniently a block off the trail. We had already eaten, but the food looked great too. We will be back soon!IMG_0055_2

Time to head south back toward home. Look at this well-decorated trail!DSCN0321

Look at this cool nest. Is it for an eagle or an osprey?DSCN0317

Back in Phinney Ridge, we stopped by Lantern Brewing. I had heard about this but hadn’t checked it out yet. We were really impressed with the bike parking. Usually we have to lock our bikes to a fence, but this brewery had a whole bike corral.DSCN0325

We walked inside, the atmosphere was cool, but then we saw the board. It’s a Belgian style brewery! Like, I wasn’t sure how to pronounce what I was ordering. Bummer! This place had so much potential, but it’s just not our style. Just look at our forced smiles.

DSCN0327 DSCN0328

Oh well. At least Big E’s was a good find. We can’t really get greedy and expect 2 new awesome breweries in one day. We finished out this fun day with a big fat steak on the grill. DSCN0331

I would ride to Chick-Fil-A again. The route was easy enough to maybe go early and stop for breakfast. What I would really like to do is ride north on the interurban beyond Big E’s for whatever the day’s distance goal was and stop back at Big E’s for lunch. I think this will happen before the end of the summer.